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Web Application Developer

Job Description

We are looking for highly-qualified mid or senior software developers with strong web application programming skills looking to work on exciting and innovative projects for a fast-growing company. There are multiple positions open, with experience levels ranging from mid-level to a lead role. AWM is an exciting tech company located in Orange County, CA and serving the retail industry globally. Our key offering is an in-store digital retail platform which utilizes unique edge-to-edge LED shelf displays paired with advanced software to replicate many benefits of the online shopping experience in-store. The platform employs techniques such as computer vision to enable shopper proximity detection with content triggering, inventory measurement, and more. Our clients include a number of Fortune 500 companies, and we have deployments in North America, Europe, and Asia.


  • A solid coder rather than a manager – the majority of the job involves programming
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience doing complex / advanced development
  • Computer science or related degree is strongly preferred, though experience and/or other degrees may be substituted
  • Solid C# and .NET Core experience required
  • React with .NET experience a plus
  • SQL Server experience
  • Able to work well on a development team
  • Experience working with other developers using Git/GitHub or another relatively similar version control system
  • Ability to work on both back-end and front-end, with an emphasis on back-end. Design skills not required
  • Certifications a plus, especially vendor certifications
  • Solid work ethic and good quality of work


  • Potential employee stock option plan participation
  • Paid vacation and sick time provided
  • Health benefits
  • Opportunity for growth
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