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Distributed Application Lead Developer

Job Description

Seeking an experienced distributed application lead developer who is passionate about building novel architectures and is able to solve the complex challenges with scaling solutions like a global retail-shelf ad network, checkout-less shopping, computer vision/AI applications, etc. to many thousands of endpoints. The ideal candidate will have experience with designing and managing distributed systems and the related infrastructures at large scale (please note that this is *not* a sysadmin role, but some understanding of that discipline would expected for someone with relevant experience). The role will be part of our development and data science teams that are working to radically transform the state of the in-store shopping experience. AWM is an exciting tech company located in Orange County, CA and serving the retail industry globally. Our key offering is an in-store digital retail platform which utilizes unique edge-to-edge LED shelf displays paired with advanced software to replicate many benefits of the online shopping experience in-store. The platform enables shopper detection and analysis with immediate response, on-shelf inventory measurement, advanced data, and much more. Our clients include a number of Fortune 500 companies, and we have deployments in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Lead a team of programmers with skill levels ranging from junior to experienced, define application and business requirements and architecture to handle data flow, real time communication, and software updates at a global scale. Promote the company's growth, scaling into a large repertoire of business use cases.
  • Design, manage and implement next generation real-world ad-delivery solutions that can easily reach petabytes in scale.
  • Establish and develop the related tooling and automation for high-volume batched data collection and centralization.


  • (Preferred): Past or current work experience with a major ad market player in the ad industry. Experience with delivery of ads to distributed devices is a plus.
  • (Required): Recent (within 6 years max) Bachelor’s or graduate degree from a US institution with a minimum of 2 years of highly relevant work experience. In lieu of a degree, recommendations as well as extensive demonstration of skills in the industry and considerable experience in past projects.


  • Employee stock option plan participation
  • Paid vacation and sick time provided
  • Health benefits
  • Opportunity for growth
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