Employment Application

Data Scientist

Job Description

We are looking for someone with strong skills in data analysis related to the retail industry and who also possesses a familiarity with software development as the candidate will be working closely with our software development team. The ideal candidate:

Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Identifies business trends and problems through complex big data analysis.
  • Interprets results from our proprietary data capture engine using variety of techniques, ranging from simple data aggregation via statistical analysis to data-mining independently.
  • Designs and develops sophisticated charts and methods to visually demonstrate data results for AWM’s Sales Team and customers.
  • Designs, develops and implements the most valuable business solutions for the organization.
  • Prepares big data, implements data models and develops database solutions to support the business offerings.
  • Is experienced with, and knowledgeable in, industry-standard software and tools such as reporting services and business intelligence software.
  • Requires bachelor's degree in a related field. master's degree or higher (PhD) is preferred
  • Requires 3-5+ years of related experience.


  • Computer science degree is strongly preferred, though experience and/or other degrees may be substituted - MOOCs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis
  • Strong computer vision skills, including non-trivial on-the-job experience
  • Machine learning is a requirement
  • Experience with surveillance analytics is a plus
  • Hardware optimization is a plus
  • Camera knowledge is a plus
  • Video Analytics
  • Object and person recognition experience are requirements
  • Able to work well on a development team and produce good code according to company’s standards
  • Experience working with other developers using Git/GitHub or another relatively similar version control system

Personal Qualities:

  • Works well in a fast-paced environment learning new things
  • Likes to be challenged on engaging work vs. zoning out and simply collecting a paycheck
  • Takes initiative
  • Responsible
  • Smart and quick learner
  • Good team player and willing to take direction from others
  • Willing and able to collaborate with other developers
  • Disciplined (the culture is fun but not a goof off mentality as there is important work to get done)


  • Employee stock option plan participation
  • Paid vacation and sick time provided
  • Health benefits
  • Opportunity for growth
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