Employment Application

Computer Vision/Video Analytics Software Engineer

Job Description

We are looking for someone with strong skills in system design for computer vision, video analytics, or professional applied machine learning expertise. Hands-on experience and having an understanding of essential vision algorithms and neural networks is a must. Most importantly, the ability to work with video (not just images) and to build vision systems and pipelines from the ground up. The candidate should be fluent in C++ and Python and able to utilize off the shelf libraries and code as well as to alter and optimize them. Experience with Caffe2 and/or TensorFlow are a must. Experience with OpenCV is desired assuming the candidate knows the library in depth (i.e. being simply familiar with OpenCV is not enough for this role - extensive experience is what is in view). All positions are in mid or senior software engineering level for machine learning and computer vision. Exceptional candidates that are in the entry level of their career may also be considered. Ideal candidate profiles include: 1) Computer science / video - image signal processing freshmen or graduated within last 2-4 years from a strong program with a personality that can afford rapid training. 2) Specialty in some field of vision (i.e. 3D, tracking, or video analytics) with either a graduate degree or undergraduate degree. 3) Any individual who is a true “hacker”, has a min of 2 years of deep coding experience, is language agnostic, good on system design and distributed systems (with or without degree).

Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Developing new software and maintaining existing software
  • Working on applications that are at an advanced level
  • Collaborating and working together with others on a development team
  • Performing high quality work and reviewing others’ work
  • Incorporating automated testing into code that is produced
  • Communicating with project manager(s) key information such as estimates, roadblocks, and other information needed to ensure optimal execution of projects
  • Investigating reports of bugs and performing necessary troubleshooting
  • Working under technical lead(s) / technical architect(s) / project manager(s), yet speaking up to contribute knowledge / ideas / perspective where helpful


  • Computer science degree is strongly preferred, though experience and/or other degrees may be substituted - MOOCs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis
  • Strong computer vision skills, including non-trivial on-the-job experience
  • Machine learning is a requirement
  • Experience with surveillance analytics is a plus
  • Hardware optimization is a plus
  • Camera knowledge is a plus
  • Video Analytics
  • Object and person recognition experience are requirements
  • Able to work well on a development team and produce good code according to company’s standards
  • Experience working with other developers using Git/GitHub or another relatively similar version control system

Personal Qualities:

  • Works well in a fast-paced environment learning new things
  • Likes to be challenged on engaging work vs. zoning out and simply collecting a paycheck
  • Takes initiative
  • Responsible
  • Smart and quick learner
  • Good team player and willing to take direction from others
  • Willing and able to collaborate with other developers
  • Disciplined (the culture is fun but not a goof off mentality as there is important work to get done)


  • Employee stock option plan participation
  • Paid vacation and sick time provided
  • Health benefits
  • Opportunity for growth
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